Inclusion - Art Cooperation

May 2018 - Inclusion - Art Cooperation

Out of our commitment to art and our partnership with E.A.T (Engadin Art Talks), a new collaboration with Swiss artist Athene Galiciadis called “Inclusion” came to life.

On the 22nd of May, Gübelin Jewellery and artist Athene Galiciadis invited to an unforgettable evening in Zurich at the BolteLang gallery. During the event, two exceptional pieces, both inspired by the inner world of a rare mesmerizing Burmese ruby, were unveiled.

“Stool” by Athene Galiciadis

The look into a unique pigeon blood red ruby has inspired Athene Galiciadis to create her artwork “Stool”, a clay vase featuring triangular forms, which remind of the shapes found in their inspiration, the inner world of the ruby.

The red-blueish plexiglass shell that surrounds the fragile ceramic allows to sit on it, it can therefore as well be used as stool. The versatility of this exceptional piece is another characteristic, it has in common with the fine piece Gübelin Jewellery created.

“Red Dahlia” by Gübelin Jewellery

With the same inspiration, Gübelin Jewellery’s skilled jewellery designer Michael Bühler created a one-of-a-kind piece of art that does not only persuade in versatility as it can be worn as ring, brooch and pendant, but also excels in unmistakable design perfection.

The jewel named “Red Dahlia”, carries the Burmese ruby of 2.18 carat of outstanding quality and colour, which is surrounded by an extraordinary arrangement of diamonds and sapphires in triangular cuts and shades, which bear analogy to the intriguing colours and shapes found within the fascinating pigeon blood red ruby. Like rubies, red dahlias are a symbol of love and stand for deep feelings.

The two exceptional pieces, which share the fascinating inner world of the ruby as inspiration will remain exhibited at the Gübelin boutique in Zurich until June 12th, when the jewel will be on display in our Basel boutique during Art Basel 2018.

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