Gübelin Lucerne Symphony Ball

Successful opening for the Gübelin Lucerne Symphony Ball on a glamorous note

The House of Gübelin, together with the Luzerner Sinfonieorchester, held the first opening of the Lucerne Symphony Ball on Saturday, 10 November 2018. The proceeds from this year’s elegant benefit ball went towards promoting young people’s interest in classical music.  

A festive benefit ball

On Saturday evening, over 250 ball-goers met in the Lucerne KKL (Cultural and Congress Centre) to support art and culture amid prominent company. The Luzerner Sinfonieorchester and the House of Gübelin jointly created this event to heighten young people’s enthusiasm for classical music and to promote the Luzerner Sinfonieorcheter’s youth music initiative.

Nik Hartmann was dashing as moderator of the multi-faceted programme, during which Switzerland’s oldest symphony orchestra, under the direction of Chief Conductor James Gaffigan, presented captivating melodies and performed together with a youth choir. The festive evening was accompanied by a dinner presented by Mario Garcia along with other culinary delights. One of the highlights of the ball was the opening of the dance floor to well-known waltzes before DJ Tarnover set the scene for more modern sounds.

Common values and goals

The co-operation between the House of Gübelin and the Luzerner Sinfonieorchester is based on common values and convictions. Tradition, innovation, interpretation and precision are defining features of both the Swiss family-owned business and the Luzerner Sinifonieorchester.

Raphael Gübelin, President of the family-owned business, comments on their dedication to art and culture: “In our 160-year history, the House of Gübelin has always placed a great emphasis on creativity, inspiration and artisanship. This is why we have such a deep connection to art and classical music, and are involved in projects that reflect our company’s Deeply Inspired philosophy. Our company is firmly rooted in Lucerne, which means that we are very pleased to work together with the Luzerner Sinfonieorchester to bring to life a presentation which benefits culture, youth and the region.”

The goal of their co-operation is to heighten young people’s enthusiasm for classical music. Numa Bischof Ullmann, Artistic Director of the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, explains: “We place special emphasis on projects which promote young people’s access to classical music and awaken their enjoyment of it. In addition, we offer young musicians the opportunity as members of our Academy to familiarize themselves with everyday work in an orchestra”.

Projects for familiarizing children and young people with music include, for example, a “Music Mobile”, the U25 Youth Cub and a new sponsoring project in which children along with their musical patron immerse themselves for an entire season in the orchestral world. In addition, the Gübelin Lucerne Symphony Ball enriches Switzerland’s cultural offering. Up to now, there has not been any chance to spend an elegant evening at the ball in central Switzerland. The great success of the ball and the extremely positive responses have led the Luzerner Sinfonieorchester and Gübelin to plan to continue the glamorous event again in 2019.

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