Mystical Journey To Burma

25. October 2018 - A journey into the realm of the ruby

On the 25th of October 2018, the House of Gübelin invited guests to experience a fascinating voyage on the trail of Eduard Josef Gübelin.

Greeted by flight attendants in the scenic restaurant Razzia in Zurich, friends of the House went on a magical journey to Burma, the home of the world's most renowned rubies. Revelling in the traditions and customs of this fascinating country, guests followed the path of the gemmological pioneer Eduard Josef Gübelin into the land of the ruby and experienced some of his marvellous adventures.

Wilvy Sy Gübelin, influencer Nel-Olivia Waga, jewellery expert Katerina Perez and Raphael Gübelin

A fascinating evening with magical moments awaited invited guests in this exceptional venue, among them jewellery expert Katerina Perez and influencer Nel-Olivia Waga, where they were able to dive deeper into the Glowing Fire world and its design inspiration. Among the highlights of the evening were the magnificent jewellery pieces of the Glowing Ember and Sparks of Fire lines by Gübelin.

Enchanted by the play of traditional Burmese marionette puppets and the gentle sounds of a sitar ensemble, the guests enjoyed the performance of a traditional sand painter as well as a show of the intricate art of sanddorn balancing.

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