Deeply Inspired - Fall/Winter 2018

November 2018 – Deeply Inspired Magazine

In the new edition of Deeply Inspired, we let the fascinating inner world of the ruby guide us, from warm shades of red to the glowing facets of fire.

Discover the latest creations from Gübelin Jewellery, as presented in the timelessly elegant setting of the Zurich Opera House. And find out more about Gübelin Jewellery’s incomparable design philosophy.


Follow us along the footsteps of the “king of gemstones” to Burma – the historical homeland of the most sought-after rubies. This precious gem stands for love and passion and has been revered since ancient times by houses of royalty.

It also holds a special meaning for the House of Gübelin: each piece of Gübelin Jewellery is embellished with a ruby, as a symbol for the unique combination of beauty, knowledge and artisanship that pervades our Swiss family-owned company at all levels. 

We wish you colourful and tranquil autumn days and of course an inspiring read.

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