Gübelin at the Art Genève 2019

Art, design and craftsmanship - Gübelin Jewellery presents its art cooperation at this year's Art Genève

The House of Gübelin carefully fosters its deep relationship with art and culture. As an official partner of the Art Genève, Gübelin Jewellery presents a cooperation with the artist Athene Galiciadis at this year's art fair. The jewel «Red Dahlia» and the sculpture «Stool», both inspired by a precious ruby, were the result of this project. 

Art Genève

Founded in 2011, the deliberately small and exquisite art fair has established itself as an important part of Genèva's cultural program. For the second time, the timing of the Art Genève coincides with the one of the well-known design fair PAD, emphasising the relationship between art and design. Gübelin Jewellery sponsors the art fair located in the French speaking part of Switzerland, which provides a forum for local as well as international galleries. «Both, the Art Genèva and Gübelin Jewellery merge tradition with contemporary creativity», Thomas Hug, Director of the Art Genève explains.

Notable collectors, leading galleries and numerous art enthusiasts are gathering at this «Salon d’Art». Represented, among others, are the galleries Hauser & Wirth, Marlborough, Peter Kilchmann and VNH. «We deeply appreciate the personal atmosphere which distinguishes the Art Genève. An environment, which invites exchanges about inspiration, creativity and craftsmanship», explains Raphael Gübelin, President of the House of Gübelin.

Gübelin Jewellery

Gübelin Jewellery creations are based on a unique jewellery philosophy, which unites beauty, knowledge and craftsmanship in unprecedented ways. Using micro photography, skilled designers dive deep into the mysterious inner worlds of precious gemstones and let themselves be inspired by their spectacular colours, patterns and shapes. These features are unique in every individual gemstone and provide valuable information about its character, history and the circumstances of its birth.

Red Dahlia

This philosophy strongly influenced the creation of «Red Dahlia», whose design is based on the intricate inner world of a Burmese ruby. Inspired by the fascinating colours and spectacular triangulars within this pigeon blood red ruby, jewellery designer Michael Bühler has designed a work of art featuring the precious ruby itself, sapphires of various colours and scintillating diamonds. The wide range of colours of the chosen gemstones references the micro photography while trilliant cut sapphires are reminiscent of the triangular shapes and patterns. With this extraordinary jewel, which can be worn as a ring, a collier or a brooch, Gübelin Jewellery continues the tradition of Haute Joaillerie in new, exciting ways.


The same micro photography of the precious gemstone inspired Athene Galiciadis to create her sculpture «Stool». The Swiss artist incorporated the triangular shapes within the gemstone into her ornamental painting of the vase. The clay jar is enclosed within a cover made from acrylic glass, which makes it possible to sit on the fragile work of art - hence the name «Stool». But at the same time, the vase is robbed of its original function. The colours of the acryl glass mantle are reminiscent of the colours of the precious red gemstone.

The scuplutre «Stool» as well as the jewel «Red Dahlia» will be displayed during the four days of the the art fair in Genèva's Palexpo.

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