The Zurich Opera Ball

March 2017 - Gübelin and the Zurich Opera Ball

The House of Gübelin is proud to be the official jewellery sponsor of this year’s famous Zurich opera ball.

The family-owned luxury brand was honoured to embellish the beautiful debutantes this year with fine Gübelin Jewellery for one of the most glamourous events of the year.

The fitting

During a first jewellery fitting the debutantes were invited to Gübelin's Zurich boutique, where they enjoyed trying on the fine jewellery and were given the opportunity to choose the perfect jewellery for their big night.

Discover how the young ladies explored the House of Gübelin's jewels and how they selected the perfect pieces.


The Opera Ball

On the 4th of March, the couples made their debut in the midst of more than thousand guests at Zurich opera house. The jewellery equalling their elegance on this very special night that was handcrafted in Gübelin's Lucerne ateliers.

An evening of rare glamour and long tradition in Zurich was celebrated until deep into the night.

Relive the magic moments and the excitement of their big day.

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